We provide bespoke facade design and engineering solutions to our clients. We believe that facade is a living art of any building which gives ambience both externally and internally. 

Facade is a living art of any building

Our specialist team considers a multitude of factors when providing facade engineering services for our clients. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Building Enclosure Concept Design and Detailing
  • Wind Engineering and Facade Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Modelling of Components and Assembles
  • Procurement and Buildability Advise
  • Condensation Risk Assessment
  • Carbon and Embodied Energy Assessments
  • Factory and Testing Inspections and Reporting

Thermal Analysis and Consulting

Bonacci Group offers thermal modelling and analysis services to achieve the most ambient and energy-saving facades.

We work collaboratively with architects and construction managers to define design parameters during project documentation phases, for certification purposes or to diagnose condensation/frost formation after facade system installation.

In addition to providing basic thermal services using Therm and Window, our team can provide more advanced analyses using the ANSYS, BISCO family of software packages.